Build your schedule to achieve your goals.

Our software integrates with your practice management system to make smart scheduling foolproof. Your goals+ your procedure mix + your resources & availability = your Dynamic Dental Schedule! 

about us

We help dental practices take control of their schedules and thrive. 

We believe that effective scheduling is an art and a science that you and your team can master for the benefit of your practice. Our software helps you set tangible goals for your most profitable treatments and shows you where to schedule each appointment in order to achieve them. Stop letting patients dictate the rhythm of your day and start taking control of your scheduling and reaching your goals. Goodbye cashflow headaches. Hello Dynamic Dental Scheduling.


Our plug-and-play software sits on top of your existing scheduling system to help your team plan and schedule more productively. We’re currently available for Dentrix and are adding new integrations all the time. 

For practice managers

Take the guess work out of scheduling. 

Start achieving your daily, monthly and yearly goals.

Easily and accurately set doctor and hygiene goals your team can hit using our personalized scheduling tools.

Accurately predict cash flow.

Make the cash-flow roller coaster a thing of the past. Our scheduling tools help you effectively balance profitable treatments and no-charge visits to smooth your cash flow and boost your revenue.

Spend less time training your team

DDS helps you schedule treatments in profitable, predefined slots, eliminating front-office chaos & guess work, making things easier on seasoned employees and new trainees alike.

"I saw a 28% increase in production after implementing Dynamic Dental Scheduling. My staff knows exactly where to place each appointment and my doctors couldn't be happier. "

Jody – Practice Administrator, Moore & Pascarella Dental Group

For doctors

Take Control of Your Schedule. 

A schedule optimized around you.

DDS helps doctors find balance in their days by scheduling procedures in a predictable way. Your team will never mistakenly schedule a time-intensive 4pm surgery again! 

Never miss an exam (or lunch) again.

Exams make your practice money by identifying future treatments. With DDS, a more predictable schedule means you’ll miss fewer exams, lunches, soccer practices and family dinners.

Hit your goals and be more profitable.

Our proactive scheduling means your days will fill up with profitable treatments, not no-charge procedures, smoothing your cash flow and making your practice more profitable.

Your Data-Our Solutions!

Balanced Workflow

Doctors and hygiene teams who use the Dynamic Dental Scheduling system have smoother and more predictable schedules, resulting in fewer unfilled treatment hours and higher production. DDS users feel less overworked and more empowered to deliver great care.

Balanced Cashflow

When you implement your Dynamic Dental Schedule, you can say goodbye to the ups-and-downs of imbalanced cashflow. We’ll help you keep your schedule full and your procedural mix balanced to ensure smooth, even cashflow.

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